Wii – May 2009
Steam – December 2010
PS3 – September 2010
iOS – July 2011
WiiU – May 2014
Switch – Januari 2019

Dev Time:

I’ve worked on it for ~5 months


In-house engine


Swords and Soldiers

I did my internship at Ronimo Games, a company started a few years before I joined by a group of students from the Utrecht School of the Arts. They all studied Game Design and Development, just like me. I had a great time during the five months I was there and got to work on some very cool stuff.

During the internship I worked on a WiiWare game called Swords & Soldiers. Swords & Soldiers is a side scrolling RTS game with a very comic visual style. For Swords & Soldiers I programmed a lot of the visual effects like spells, hit effects, weather and fog of war. I also programmed the menu system and the cinematics.

Swords & Soldiers was very well received by the press. It got an 8 from Edge Magazine and an 8.7 from IGN.