Feb 2010

Dev Time:

3 months


ActionSript 3
Adobe Flex
Adobe Flash CS4



Paper Cakes

I worked on Paper Cakes during my graduation year at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It is a puzzel platformer created in flash. Paper Cakes was made for Wacom, to promote their new Wacom Bamboo and to show what else you can do on a tablet besides using photoshop. Paper Cakes was selected as one of ten student showcase winners at the Independent Games Festival 2010 and was also nominated for best student game. It won Best Student Game and Best Original Game Design at the Dutch Game Awards 2010.

For this project I did all the programming, as well as some of the designing. Paper Cakes was made with Adobe Flash, which is required by Wacom’s software which only supports Flash.


Machiel van Hooren (Code, Project Lead, some game design)
Bas Teunisse (Level Design, some game design)
Lex van den Berg (Lead Game Design, Art)
Merijn Mijnders (Audio)
Greg Nishikawa (some game design, testing)
Joe Osborn (some game design, testing)
Sam Farmer (some game design, testing)