WiiU – May 2015
Steam – November 2018
PS4 – November 2018
Switch – Januari 2019

Dev Time:

I’ve worked on it for ~3 years.


In-house engine

Reveal Trailer

Swords & Soldiers 2

Swords & Soldiers 2 was developed over a 3 year period and I’ve worked on various aspects of it. S&S2 is using modified versions of the engine and tools that were initially created for Awesomenauts and the first Swords & Soldiers. A good part of my time went to porting parts of the engine to WiiU but I’ve also been working on various gameplay features and level design tools. Closer to release my time was spent on certification, bugfixes and optimization. One of the bigger optimizations I did was multithreading the animation and audio systems.

Here’s a list of stuff I worked on:

– Level design tools
– WiiU video player
– WiiU postfx implementation
– WiiU audio
– WiiU optimization
– WiiU file system / save games
– Gameplay
– WiiU certification